Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Magic Kingdom Day 2

On the second day of Magic Kingdom, we had reservations at the Crystal Palace for breakfast where we would get to meet Winnie the Pooh and friends! We decided to just bring Ben and Abbey while Madgie and Patch looked after Juliette. It was great because Juliette got to take a much needed morning nap and the older kids had fun with some extra attention (thanks Magdie and Patch). The best thing about having an early breakfast reservation is you can enter the park before it opens! So, we got there a little early and ran to get on some quick rides before going in for our breakfast reservation. Plus, with nobody else in the park, there are great picture opportunities!

We went on Dumbo first because it usually has a very long line. The kids liked it!

Shocking - a picture of Abbey smiling at the camera (and at the same time as Ben too!).

Then on to breakfast. Ben was super excited to meet Pooh and ran up to give him a hug! Abbey loved seeing the characters from across the room, but as soon as they got to our table, she clung to Mommy or Daddy and wanted nothing to do with them. She didn't cry though...that is until Tigger tried to touch her!
Ben and Piglet...
Then while we waited to meet up with Madgie and Patch to get Juliette back, we stopped for a 3D show (Mickey's Philharmagic), which was pretty good.
The kids liked their "sunglasses".
Ben was the only kid who wore them during the show though - Abbey preferred to watch it without the glasses.

Then we briefly met up with Madgie and Patch to get our youngest princess back. Then Madgie and Patch headed to Epcot with Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny, and we continued to have fun at Magic Kingdom.
Abbey got to try out the Speedwagon (and Ben went a few more times as well).
And Ben and I got to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse! We didn't even bring Abbey into the tent this time!

We did a lot on the second day, but our camera ran out of battery (I wonder why with all the pictures we had been taking!) so we just focused on rides and enjoying the fun. The park was not crowded at all any day we were there - the longest line we waited in was 30 minutes and the fast passes were great too. We had pretty good weather - a little rain but it passed through pretty quickly. The kids loved Magic Kingdom!

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