Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Abbey turns 2!!

On July 4, we had a party to celebrate our dear Abbey turning 2! Aunt Theresa came over early to help make the cake...she didn't realize that she would have a big helper the whole time! Ben had fun though and was very proud of the cake - he couldn't wait to show it to Abbey when she woke up from nap.
Abbey and her cake - she loved it!

Then she got to open her presents! She got a lot of great, very girly, stuff. Here she is with her new stroller and her new baby doll! She loves all things related to baby dolls at the moment. She takes care of them just like we take care of Juliette - it is very cute!
And look who got new shoes and a beautiful tutu!
And here is our little princess!
Hey, she looks just like her Cinderella doll!
And she has found her Prince (aka Joey)!
Bye bye everyone - thanks for coming to my party!

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