Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Joey turns 2!

Well, once again, I am very behind in my blogging. So, be ready for a lot of updates as we have been very busy having lots of fun (which is why I have not had time to blog). Anyway, let's start way back on July 3rd. Madgie and Patch flew in to spend a week with us and we started the fun times at Uncle Phil and Aunt Sandy's house to celebrate Joey turning 2! Here is the birthday boy ready to blow out his candles on his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!

They had a jump house set up in the backyard that the kids really enjoyed. Here are Abbey and Joey jumping around together.
They also had a water table set up that Abbey and Juliette really liked. Abbey eventually just started taking water out and pouring it on herself, so we had to borrow some clothes to go home in for her (thanks Sandy).
Juliette had a lot of fun too - she crawled around in the grass with Madgie and practiced her walking all around the yard. She has recently taken to walking anytime she can (holding on to our hands of course).

It was a great party - thanks again for inviting Madgie and Patch too!
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