Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Other Weekend Fun!

Although we had Abbey's party on July 4th, a lot of the July 4th festivities in our village took place on July 5th! So, that morning we went to downtown and watched the parade. Paul and Aunt Domi went the night before to stake out our spot - it's a pretty big deal and the city won't let you lay down any blankets until 7pm the night before the parade (people used to go days in advance to claim their spot). So we got this great spot right on the curb to catch all the candy people from the parade throw out. So here is some of our crew.

Juliette had a great spot to watch the parade...
Luckily, Madgie wanted to get out of the sun for a while (it was pretty hot) and sat in the shade with Juliette (who also needed a break from the sun).
We went to the pool later that day too, but didn't bring the camera. The kids love going to the pool - even Juliette loved splashing around. Although she spent most of the time grabbing on to my hands and walking around in the water. The next day (I guess we are on Tuesday now) we had a low key day after all the weekend fun. But we did pack up a picnic and head to the park. Unfortunately, it was so hot that you couldn't really touch the swings or the slides even. The kids didn't mind though - they just followed Patch around for a while playing follow the leader!
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