Thursday, July 01, 2010

1 more TN post...

OK, so I decided one more post...

Uncle Al letting Juliette borrow his TN hat - when in east TN, everyone looks good in orange!
And for those of you curious, Chien comes to the lake with us and is the happiest dog in the world for that one week. He loves jumping off the dock, swimming in the lake, retrieving balls, following boats, eating children's PB&J's (it's not his fault their plates are right at his level) and taking an occasional rest on the dock on someone's towel or a floatie. I feel like this one week in TN is so fun for Chien, that it sort of makes up for a year of not enough attention...sort of!
And now to Juliette's big news...while in TN she started saying her first words! She has been saying Dada and Mama, but those don't count. She started to say "hi" and now she says it all the time when someone comes into a room or if she looks up at them. It's so cute the way she says it - I will try to get some video. She also said "dog" (understandable given there were 4 large dogs there that week - 2 goldens, 1 great dane, and 1 chow mix) and "all done" when finished eating. It's funny to me that she tried to say that before she could sign it as I have been trying to teach her! You can also tell when you say something that she is trying to say it back to you, even if she can't quite get all the sounds. She also claps a lot now, does "so big", does the motions to "wheels on the bus" and waves. She is full speed crawling now and can slowly pull up to standing. And yesterday she wouldn't let me sit her down while we were at the pool - she held tightly on to my hands and wanted to walk around. She is changing so much everyday!!

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