Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Abbey's Actual Birthday

Although we celebrated Abbey's birthday over the weekend, we still wanted to do something fun and special on her actual birthday. So, we took the kids to a nearby Spray and Play park. It is basically a place with fountains and spray guns and water toys that kids can run around and have fun in...and they did! Abbey was a little skeptical at first...

But Ben wasted no time getting into it and showing Abbey how much fun it was!

There was even little water sprouts for Juliette to sit near and enjoy. Abbey did eventually get into it and run around, but she seemed to mostly enjoy playing with the water toys and pouring water on herself.
That night we had another little celebration. She was very excited to hear everyone sing to her again!
And also was very excited to learn she would get another cake!

Juliette seemed to really like the cake...only a few more weeks until we celebrate her birthday!!

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