Monday, June 11, 2012

Alaska - Post 2

We did see a good amount of wildlife during our trip.  Look at this amazing porcupine...eating out of his food bowl!

And a moose!


And of course, the fierce grizzly bear! 

Reindeer...with his bells on still from Christmas!

Ok, I have to admit, we actually saw all those animals at the Wildlife Conservation Center.  It was really neat though as we got to see all those animals really close up, while still safely behind a fence!  Then we drove around some and found the old (no longer used) Iditarod trail!

On our way back up to Anchorage, we stopped at a park to see some beautiful scenery.  

What a gorgeous waterfall!  There were several signs at this park explaining what to do if you see a bear.  It warned you that if a grizzly bear attacks you, you should play dead.  However, if the bear goes from attacking to eating, you should then fight back...yikes!  Luckily for us, we did not see any bears.  And it turned out to be very lucky as the next day we drove past this park and it was closed with big signs saying there were bear sightings the day before!  

On Friday we drove down to Seward.  We stopped along the way to take some pictures of the scenery.  I love this picture - you can see the Alaskan railroad, which is supposedly a beautiful train ride along this water!

Then we went to the Sea Life Center in Seward, where we got to touch some sea life!

Here is a sea anemone (anemenemenee according to Nemo).

Sea Lions...

And this seal was so cute.  You could take a ball and move it around and she would follow it through the glass.  We played for quite a while with her - she was so interactive and cute!

On our way back from Seward, we stopped to take a quick hike to a viewing spot for Exit Glacier.

The glacier melt is running off the glacier and it was really beautiful.

There are Domi and I hiking through the snow!
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