Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alaska - Post 3

We went from Seward to Whittier. The cool thing about Whittier is you have to go through a 3 mile one way tunnel under a mountain to get there. They change the direction of traffic every half hour, so you have to "catch the 8 o'clock tunnel" for example. So here is the tunnel up ahead - the triangle building.  We tried to take a picture inside the tunnel, but it didn't turn out.

Once we got through the tunnel and had some dinner, we met up with Josh and went out on his boat for a bit.  Domi and I took this time to enjoy some Bota Box Wine :)

We saw great views from the boat.

Then Theresa and Josh dropped us off at our campsite for the night.  Here is Theresa on the boat driving away to their campsite.

 Here is the campsite that Domi and I stayed at...

The next day we went back out on the boat and saw this really cool glacier.

And all the related icebergs in the water.  Our boat actually hit one, but it was small and we didn't sink.  I did use this time to say, "Iceberg...Right AHEAD!!!"

We had a little friend along for the ride that really like Domi...

Up close shot of an ice berg.

Here is Theresa's campsite.  There were about 40 people that stayed here over night in the cold and rain, but I was extremely happy with where we camped for the night :)

Then we went fishing.

It got cold though, so I slowly moved inside the boat to fish...

And look what we caught!  It was a baby halibut!  

OK Josh, don't get it too close to me please!

Here is our campsite again with a cruise ship next to it!  It made us very excited for our Alaskan cruise next summer!

That night, on our way out of Whittier, we stopped at the welcome center, which was extremely nice, and did a little pretend kyacking.

We had a great time on the boat and got to see a lot of really cool things.  Plus, it was great to experience fishing in Alaska.  Thank you so much Josh for taking us around on the boat and spending the day with us!
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