Wednesday, June 13, 2012

End of School

After we got back from Alaska, things got crazy with the end of the school year!  Ben finished kindergarten.  He did great this year.  We can't believe all the things he learned and how much he progressed during the year.  We loved his teacher, and he did too.  We can't wait for the girls to have her too.  Here he is with her on the last day of school. 

Abbey also finished up her first year of preschool.  Next year she will go 3 mornings a week (and Juliette will go 2 mornings a week).  Here she is singing in her end of year Popsicle Picnic!

Here she is with her teacher's aid, who she will have next year too.

And this is her teacher, who is not coming back next year.  So she will have a new teacher, but we are optimistic about having a great teacher.

Ben had her too when he was in preschool, so we thought a picture of them all together would be cute.  Too bad Ben couldn't put down his popsicle long enough to get a nice shot!  Priorities...

With the end of school also came the end of soccer for the spring season.  Ben had a great season.

Here is his team and his favorite coach!

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