Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Strawberry Picking

After we got back from TN, we went full swing into our summer activities. Monday morning, Ben had swim lessons, Abbey had dance camp, and Ben had rookie ball that night! Whew summer is busy! So on Tuesday, we were able to do a fun summer activity...we met up with Aunt Domi, Caroline and Hunter and went strawberry picking! We went last year too, but we went a good bit later in June and the berries were pretty picked over at that point. So this year we wanted to go earlier, especially with all the heat we have been having (meaning the crop was ready earlier this year). Good decision...there were a ton of strawberries and we all had fun picking them! Here is one super cute strawberry picker...

Look Juju...can you find one?

Here's the group...

Oh she found one!  She actually ate a lot of strawberries along the way too.

Abbey liked going from plant to plant to find the best ones.

Great job Ben!

He took it very seriously!

All the kids filled their baskets by the end of the morning.

And then it was time for a tasty donuts and strawberry smoothies! 

What a great group!

That was a lot of fun - I love activities like this!  We came home with 10 pounds of perfectly red and delicious strawberries!  We made strawberry muffins to start with.  I had a lot of plans for using them,  but the kids have eaten them all up!  I put some on salads and we used it as a topping for ice cream, but other than that, we have just eaten them all!  They were all really sweet and yummy!  Can't wait to do it again next year!
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Curtiss said...

We are still picking blackberries in Tennessee.