Saturday, January 12, 2013

Alligator Farm

On our last day we decided to go down to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.  Check out this albino alligator!   

Check out that huge one behind Juliette, Abbey and Madgie!

My three little amigos on a big gator!

Juliette thought the scales on his tail looked like steps, so Patch helped her walk on the steps!

Ben and Abbey found a Budha!

Juju and Mommy!

Add in Madgie too!

I just love pictures like cute!

Ben, Patch and Abbey were brave enough to pet a snake!

Then Juju and I did it too!


Whew, don't worry guys, Patch has got this one!

Check out that dangerous animal!

Most of our crew...

There was an area where you could pay 25 cents and get some gator food to throw down to the hundreds of gators swimming in the water below.  It was actually pretty neat.  Once we ran out of quarters though, Abbey got crafty.  She stood next to the machine and any time a person bought some she would quickly grab up any that fell on the ground that they didn't catch!  It was pretty funny to watch her do it, but then I had to stop her and let the people get all of the food they paid for!  Good idea though Abbey!

Just a cute shot of Abbs...

And that wrapped up our trip.  The next morning we got up early and drove to TN where we had a nice visit with Mama Kay and Papa (more on that to come).  Thank you Madgie and Patch for a fantastic Christmas.  Everything was wonderful, we had so much fun, and we already miss you again so much!  Love you all!
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