Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Day continues

After all the presents were opened, it was time to really play with everything! Madgie took some time to read a new book to the girls...

Paul and Patch made the Christmas dinner to give Madgie a break.  Although I look skeptical in this picture, I promise I wasn't.  Everything turned out delicious!  Making the dinner was not an easy task when you consider we had 19 people there!  Uncle Al came over for dinner too, although I did not get any pictures of him unfortunately :(  But we were very glad he was there!!

The kids toasting Christmas with their kids wine!


The kids serioualy could not get enough of their cousin.  And I could not get enough of taking pictures of them with their cousin!

Uncle Paul finally got a turn to hold him!

Patch and Juju play with one of her new toys!

The day after Christmas Uncle Chris had to leave for work unfortunately...better get a quick picture before he leaves!

Luckily, Aunt Ginny and Baby Brendan stayed for a few more days, much to the delight of the kids who got to keep playing with Brendan (and Aunt Ginny too of course!).

Nana and GrandPatch left next :(

And then Mimi :(

The house sure was quiet.  I rocked Baby Brendan to sleep and then my baby wanted some cuddling too...

Then we finally got around to making that gingerbread house!

Ben's side...

The girls' side was a bit more haphazard with the decorations, but still very nice...

Thanks so much to Nana, GrandPatch, Mimi and Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny and Baby Brendan for coming down to spend Christmas together!  We had such a great time seeing everyone and wish we could see you all way more often than we do!  Love you all!
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