Monday, January 07, 2013

Pre-Christmas Fun!

Since we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving with the Acuff's, we missed Caroline's birthday. So, we had a separate celebration.  I made her this cake to celebrate her 7th birthday!


I think she liked it :)

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Each of the girls had winter recitals.  They weren't the big recitals for the year (those are in May), but just where they prepared something and the parents could come in and watch what they have learned.  Abbey's class did a little dance number to the song "Baby It's Cold Outside".  Unfortunately, Abbey has been going through some separation issues lately and as soon as I entered the class she clung to me the entire time and would not go dance.  I was so disappointed, but it has been happening any time I go to her classroom at school or try to leave her at Sunday school (which she loves, but it is a big drama to let me go and stay in there while I go to mass).  So, I have a few pictures of her from the end of class, but she would not participate in the dance with her class :(

Juliette, on the other hand, loved having us watch her. 

Her dance was to "Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow".  I am trying to upload the video because it is so cute.  Hopefully I will get it to work.

One last one of Abbey...this is what she did while the rest of her class performed their dance...

The girls also had sing alongs at school.  Juliette loved this and swayed and sang all the songs!

Abbey did really well in her sing along too.  I was a little worried how she would do after the dance recital, but she was up on a stage so I think that separation helped.  She couldn't really come to me, so she did fine.  Plus I stood in the back until they got started and then slowly moved up to where she could see me.  She did fantastic!

I know it is something she will outgrow, but it's a little difficult to deal with while waiting for it to pass!
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