Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas Day

I forgot to mention in my last post (forgive me, I am backtracking quite a bit in these posts) that after we set out the milk and cookies for Santa and showed Baby Brendan how to do that properly, there was a tiny bit of time before bed to hold the baby!  This time Abbey didn't just hold him though, she helped him play with his light up toy.

And Juliette and Ben played tickle tickle with him.

Then it was off to bed...and in the morning, this is what we all woke up to! 

Happy 1st Christmas Brendan!  He was clearly very excited and woke up extra early to celebrate.   Unfortunately while he was waiting for everyone else to wake up, he fell back asleep!

Wow, Santa ate all the cookies and even left a little thank you note for them!

Abbey quickly found her stocking!

She was so excited!

Christmas hug!

Ben got a note from Santa that he read to everyone!

Baby Brendan woke up to join the party...look at his Christmas outfit - love it!!

He couldn't quite open up his presents yet you think Aunt Ginny could find any volunteers to help him?

Cutie pie!

Mimi was on hand to help Juliette open her presents!  This year, Juliette was very into opening presents.  She would tap Patch on the shoulder and say "I want another present!"

She was also eager to help anyone else open their presents!

Look at these adorable hats Mimi got the kids!!

Patch with one of his best gifts...a frame with a picture of him and Brendan!

Uh oh, all this present opening is sure  making someone very tired...

Oh he is just so cute!
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