Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Parties

We had the Tiger Scout Christmas party, which was really fun. They did a present exchange (white elephant style) and the kids all seemed to enjoy it.

Then we had our annual Christmas celebration with the Kurby's!  Sandy made sure to give Belle a lot of attention, which she loved!

They even gave Belle her own (edible) Christmas card!

Abbey was thrilled with her new fancy leotard!

Juliette loves playing with her Godmother!

Phil really enjoyed playing Polly Pockets with Jill and Abbey :)

Ben loved helping Joey to build his new legos!

Then it was a Christmas party at Ben's class!  Since I am the room mom I got to go to the party.  Here they were playing pin the nose on the rudolph!  

Then it was Ben's turn for a Christmas sing along.  He got to sing in the all school sing along.  Here are all the 1st graders!  You can just barely tell Ben - he is in the back row in the middle.  He did a great job!  
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