Sunday, December 29, 2013

Caroline turns 8!

On November 23, Cousin Caroline turned 8 and celebrated with a roller skating party! I wasn't exactly sure how this would go for my kids, but 2 out of the 3 absolutely loved it!  Juliette really loved it and wanted to go around with Aunt Domi.  She couldn't handle the skates on her own, but as long as someone was helping her, she didn't want to get off the rink.  I wouldn't say that Juliette is a dare devil by any means, but she is just so laid back that she is willing to try most things pretty easily.  She especially loved going around with Aunt Domi.

Ben really enjoyed it as well and although he started off holding hands for support, he quickly moved past that and was off on his own!  Abbey, on the other hand, wanted no part of it and spent the entire 3 hours on the side watching.  She did come out with me to help Ben, but was then told she needed to be off the rink.

Off on his own!

Loving going with Daddy too!


Instead of participating, Abbey decided to make it her mission to collect glow sticks...

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Yummy treats!

Finally, at the end of the party, they asked everyone to return the skates and come out on to the floor in their socks for a dance party.  Now that Abbey enjoyed!  And what a great way to entice kids to get their skates off too - well played by the rink!  After the party we headed back to Caroline's house to open presents and hang out.  Then they all got into their new matching Christmas PJ's that Aunt Domi bought them! 

Silly shot!

Love these cuties!

What a great day!  Ben enjoyed skating so much that he immediately added roller skates to his Christmas wish list...was he a good boy this year?  Stay tuned...
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