Sunday, December 01, 2013

Halloween Continues!

Juliette's next event was her school party. She looks all ready!

After her party in the classroom, they paraded outside for the parents to see!

Then they had an adorable singing concert where they sang all kinds of cute Halloween songs!

Next up was Abbey's dance class where she decided to switch things up and dress up as Belle (from Beauty and the Beast).  We have tons of dress up clothes, so the girls have lots of options for Halloween. 

Abbey is in the back row on the left.  She is very shy, so everyone staring and taking pictures made her nervous, thus she is biting her nails in the picture and I couldn't get her to put her hands down.  Oh well, that's ok, this picture truly shows some of her personality :)

The next day was Halloween and Abbey got to dress up for school.  This day she chose to dress as Merida (from Brave).  She looked beautiful!

After Ben got home from school it was time for the actual Halloween festivities!  Once again, here are my costumed kids...first up, Princess Sophia the 1st!

Then my pretty witch!

And finally my ancient Egyptian Pharaoh!

Cute picture!

I wore my Halloween shirt, but opted for jeans this time around since they are warmer for being out trick or treating.

Ben took this picture, but you can better see Paul's shirt so I wanted to post it.

And that was all of our Halloween fun!  We went out trick or treating and normally I would take pictures of that, but it was actually raining pretty hard.  That didn't stop us though!  We were out for about an hour and a half and collected way too much candy!  And then we came home and had some delicious warm chile was that waiting for us in the crock pot!  What a fun Halloween!
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