Sunday, December 01, 2013

Madgie and Patch Visit!

The next weekend in November we had a visit from Madgie and Patch! The kids had off of school on that Friday, so we went down to our favorite museum, the Museum of Science and Industry (thanks for the membership Patch!).  Juliette is still a little nervous on escalators, so she was lucky that Madgie was more than happy to hold her!

We went and saw the Disney exhibit, which was really cool.  The girls were excited to see Snow White's dress (and I didn't realize that Snow White was the first animated movie).

Then we went to a class to learn how to draw Mickey Mouse, which was pretty cool.

Everyone is listening intently and following the directions to draw the perfect Mickey!

Then Ben and Patch checked out the trains.

Abbey on the climbing wall.

Everyone enjoying the toy making exhibit.

It was a very fun day!
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