Sunday, December 01, 2013

Halloween Part 1

As usual, we tend to extend holiday celebrations, so Halloween was actually a few weeks long this year, as opposed to 1 day! It started with the Cub Scout Halloween Party.  Ben wanted to be an Ancient Egyptian Pharoah this year!

Good picture!

And the promised silly picture!

My pretty witch!

Princess Sophia the 1st!

The party was a lot of fun, but there was also business to take care of, like Ben getting his new badges!

The girls love going to cub scout events because they also get to hang out with their friends, who happen to be siblings of Ben's friends.  It works out well for everyone!

This was Ben's pumpkin entry for scariest pumpkin, which earned him third place. 

I actually thought this pumpkin was amazing - that is a carved pumpkin!!!  And the french fries are made from the pumpkin pieces too!

Of course candy was given out, which made this princess very happy!

Ben got a prize for his costume, so he was a happy Egyptian!

And parents were encouraged to dress up as well, so Paul and I coordinated skeleton costumes.  We bought the shirts and Paul made the pants, which turned out really well (kudos to him).  You can't see his shirt well in this picture, but it has pizza and beer in his belly (as opposed to the baby skeleton in my belly).  They were really cute costumes and we got lots of compliments on them.

Our next Halloween event was for Juliette.  They all got to dress up for dance class and pass out treats.  So here is my princess ready to go!

What a cutie!

As you can see, Princess Sophia was a VERY popular costume among 4 year old girls this year...

Stay tuned for our next Halloween adventuring!
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