Sunday, December 01, 2013

November Happenings

The first weekend in November marked Abbey's first camp out with Indian Princesses (which is a Daddy/Daughter activity). They went to a camping place in Indiana and had a great time! She really loved it!  She's in the middle of this group shot, looking down of course...

By the camp fire (she's in the middle, but it's hard to see)

Hard to see in this picture too, but Paul and Abbey are up there being introduced as new members of the tribe.

Paul said the place was really nice (cabins for sleeping) so maybe we will go back there sometime as a family.  The scenery looked beautiful!

They got back on Sunday, just in time for the Pinewood Derby for cub scouts!  There, Abbey got to catch up with one of her good friends that wasn't camping with her all weekend.

They had a bunch of raffle prizes to keep the kids' interest and this is what my funny boy chose when he won...

Watching the race.

Ben won an award for design (he had a lego themed car with a lego man inside driving), but came in third in his heat (only the top two in each heat advance to the finals).  By the way, Pinewood Derby has come a long way since I remember watching my brother do it.  Now, they have it all hooked up to a computer and it times each race.  In each heat, each car races in each lane (to ensure that none of the lanes are any faster than any others) and then it averages out the times of each car from the race it did in each lane and determines the order of the cars.  So, you can imagine, it takes a long time to get through all the cub scouts racing their cars in each lane!  Luckily, they brought in pizza and had the raffle prizes to keep everyone interested and it was a fun afternoon.

This was Ben's first diorama he made for school.  He had to do a research project about gorillas (the animal he chose).  We went to the library to get books about gorillas, he did research on the internet, he made an outline from his notes and then wrote a paper on gorillas.  Then he has to build a diorama showing the gorillas' habitat using any materials he wanted.  I thought it turned out really great.  I helped him, but he really did all of it.

Next up was the end of season soccer and football parties, which happened to be on the same day in the same location about a half hour apart.  So, we started at Abbey's soccer party where we had pizza with her soccer buddies.

And she got her very first trophy!

Then we moved over to Ben's football party, just in time to see him get his trophy!  The coach said he was a critical part of the team's success this year and he was very proud of the comments made about him.
Ben's trophy!

As you can see, we keep very busy!
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