Monday, February 22, 2016

Abbey's First Reconciliation

In January, Abbey hit a religious milestone - she went to her First Reconciliation! She was so nervous, but excited too. She was very specific about which priest she wanted to get. One of the priests had come into her classroom and really put her at ease with what he said would happen, so she really wanted to get him. The problem was that they weren't allowed to pick who they went to. In order to keep it moving, they assigned each child which priest to go to based upon the lines and where they were. We were seated in the middle of the Church (each child was assigned a pew) and there were priests in the front and back on both sides. Since we were in the middle, she was one of the last kids to go as they worked from the front and back and she spent the entire time watching all lines to see if she would get to go to her preferred priest. It was very close, but luckily, she got to go with Fr. Joji, which was what she wanted! The girl in front of her went to the priest at the front, so Abbey was the last person to go to Fr. Joji. I think I was as nervous as she was!! I was praying that she would get the priest she wanted because I knew how anxious she was about the whole thing. Yay!!! She was so excited afterwards!  Here she is looking all pretty for the big event!
Since it was at night and we wanted to make sure this was all about Abbey, we got a sitter for Matthew so he could stay home and go to bed.  But he wished her luck before we left!
So proud of this girl!

It snowed quite a bit that day, but it didn't matter to Abbey.  She still wanted to go out for milk shakes after she was done!  So we went to Steak and Shake (her choice) despite the cold!
We got her a girls daily devotional and a small gold cross bracelet to mark the occasion.  She is opening that up in this picture.
And finally enjoying that treat that she wanted!!
Congrats Abbey!!  Next up....First Communion!!

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