Tuesday, February 02, 2016


The week of Thanksgiving - always a fun time with family!  The kids had school Monday and Tuesday, but we started off Wednesday with some Thanksgiving inspired crafts.  The girls got the crafting stuff ready.
This year we made turkeys out of toilet paper rolls.  I think they turned out cute.
And we used them as napkin rings for our Thanksgiving feast table too.
We had an enjoyable few days at home, resting and playing together.  We spent Thanksgiving Day laying low, watching the parade and playing games.  On Friday, Madgie and Patch flew up.  We picked them up early from the airport and headed straight to Richardson Farm to pick out a Christmas tree.  Last year we were walking through snow to find a tree, but this year we walked through mud.
On the wagon ride ready to go find our perfect tree!

Matthew found the perfect tree for him right away!  Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Although that was a nice sized tree for Matthew, we decided to keep looking.
It actually took us a while to find the right tree.  The farm is huge and there are so many options.  We just kept looking!  Plus, we needed a tree that looks good from 3 angles with the place it goes in our house, so we really had to walk around each tree to find the perfect one.  Finally, we narrowed it down and voted.  Here is our winning tree (although you can't really see it that well behind the 6 of us!).
Madgie and Patch with the kids (and the tree of course).
Matthew wasn't quite sure what to make of all of this, but as usual, he just went along with things.
It helped that Madgie cuddled him to keep him warm.
The boys got to work cutting it down (which was extremely difficult as the trunk was frozen).
Abbey was wondering if they were ever going to get it down.
We decided to go off in search of help.
Finally, the guy driving the wagon came along and helped.  He had a really hard time sawing it too, but he came with a better saw than the one the boys were using!
Paul was excited that we finally picked a tree!
Inside they have free hot chocolate and we bought some apple donuts too.
Once we got home, it was time to prepare the Thanksgiving feast.  Juliette and Patch went to work peeling potatoes.
Nice photo bomb...
These two working on the stuffing.
Madgie held Matthew, which is a very important job!
And after an afternoon of cooking, our table was ready!  This was exciting because we just got brand new dining room furniture so this was our first meal using the new table and chairs.  Plus, we got a china cabinet, so all of our china was finally unpacked from our boxes (from moving 2.5 years ago) and put to good use!
The feast!

Madgie reading to Matthew.
Girls picture!
The next day we started to bring up the Christmas decorations.  That's interesting and all, but here are some cars!
Oh boy, he found the trains!
Time to decorate the tree.
Matthew's turn to help.
Tree decorating is fun!
We found the Christmas books, so guess what....more reading!
Matthew was mesmerized by the trains! 

Morning cuddles!

The next day, Madgie, Patch and Paul took the kids to Lego Land, which is always fun.  Matthew was exhausted, so I stayed home with him to let him nap.  But these pictures Madgie took sure made it seem like we missed out on a lot of fun!  Look what Madgie built!
 Apparently these two were quite the winners in a Lego building competition!
He looks like quite the king, doesn't he? 
 Abbey and Paul working on some building.

The kids and their creations! 
 Madgie and Abbey on the ride.

 I am glad they all had fun.  This guy needed his nap!

We had a great Thanksgiving visit with Madgie and Patch!  Thank you for coming up - we are so thankful for all of our family and friends, both near and far!

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