Monday, February 01, 2016

Mama Kay and Papa Visit

In early November, we were lucky to have Mama Kay and Papa visit us for the weekend. They went on an amazing trip to the Holy Land and flew out of Chicago. So we got to spend some time with them when they flew back, which was great as we loved hearing all about their trip and seeing their pictures. While they were here, the weather was beautiful and we had Ben's last outdoor soccer game.      The game was very close to our house and there was a park nearby, which worked out well for the siblings.  Papa chased Matthew around with the ball for a bit.

And Ben played a great game!
This year Ben decided he wanted to play goalie, so that was fun (and nerve wracking) to watch!
He has a good punt!
Juliette chasing Matthew and the ball
Mama Kay took Juliette and Matthew to the park.
Matthew really loves the slides.
Abbey took a break from watching Ben to join them on the slide for a bit too.  
Papa caught them at the bottom!
Matthew convinced Papa to sit on the couch and read to him - one of Matthew's favorite things to do!
And we got to see Abbey perform in the choir at the craft fair too.

It was a fun visit and we were so glad to spend time with them.  Thanks for staying a few extra days after your big trip!

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