Tuesday, February 16, 2016


We had our second annual family New Year's Eve party and just like last year, it was a blast! This year we had 16 adults and 20 kids. We did a count down to 9:00 and look who partied on and stayed up for the big event....
This girl was so excited for the poppers.  Two years ago she fell asleep and didn't get to do a popper.  Last year her popper didn't work.  So she was determined this year to get it right.  After the big count down, she ran over to me with tears brimming saying her popper didn't work again!  I helped her pull on it and then it popped and wow was she disappointed!!  All of that hype and it really didn't live up to her expectations.  Thankfully, she just shrugged and ran off to get her "kid champagne" aka, sparkling grape juice, and celebrate with everyone else.  Sorry kiddo!  
Our group of kids!
With Matthew, who I put to bed right after this picture as he was about done by this point.
After the 9:00 celebration, a lot of families left.  We did have two families stay though and we had a lot of fun.  We did the East Coast countdown at 11 and then the Midwest countdown at 12 and then it was off to bed for everyone!  The kids actually did really well staying up and they were all having so much fun playing together - different ages and boys and girls - What a fun night!!

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