Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Pre-Christmas Fun!

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas always seems to pass in a second. But we try our best to enjoy the season and soak in as much Christmas fun as we can! We went to Cookies with Santa at our Parish and school again. I passed on the reins of running the event this year, but I still helped out at it. Paul brought the kids and everyone had fun.  Matthew seemed a little unsure of the big guy.  He didn't cry, but he looked like he could at any moment.  So we took some pictures quickly and got him off Santa's lap.  It surprised me considering how mellow Matthew is and how much he loves people.
But I thought this was a pretty good shot of them with Santa.
There were 3 craft rooms, but Matthew was a little young to participate in the crafts.  He liked sitting at the little tables though.

His favorite part was finding the reading corner in each room and going through all of the books!
He is quite the book lover.
Juliette enjoyed doing the crafts though.
Another room, another book corner.

This girl went to a birthday party earlier in the day and lost her first tooth!  She has been waiting so long and was the only child to actually ask me to pull her tooth out!  For the record, I tried, but could not get a good grip on it.  So we waited for it to come out on its own (besides, it makes for a better story).  She was thrilled to lose the tooth at the party with all her friends around.  She was even more excited when the tooth fairy brought her $5, which is the going rate for the first tooth ($1 for every tooth after that).  
In December we went to Ben's Lego Robotics competition.  It was amazing what these kids can do.  Their topic was Trash Trek, so they had to pick a specific trash/recycling problem and come up with a solution for it.  The team picked the problem of plastic bags.  Since they can't be recycled, the kids found other ways to use them.  They wove them into jump ropes and then donated the jump ropes to Merillac House for underprivileged children.  They also made woven bags and a basketball net with the bags.  Their robot was assigned many tasks, such as retrieving a bag from the field and rescuing a sea animal from a bag.  It was very well thought out and the kids really learned a lot and enjoyed it.  

This was their project presentation.
The competition lasted all day, so I brought Matthew and the girls for a little bit to watch.  Matthew was happy when I gave him a juice box!
The girls had a small snack too while we waited for the next round of competition.
Here is the team!  It is made up of 5 4th graders and 2 5th graders.  Paul is one of the coaches.  The team did awesome, especially considering how young they are compared to the other teams.  The teams can be made up of kids from 4th-8th grade and most teams were made up of 6th-8th graders.  It was actually really exciting to watch and see what they accomplished.  Looking forward to next year!
The last week of school before break was the Christmas concert.  I recently learned that public schools around here do not have any concerts, parties, celebrations at all before their "winter" break.  That made me sad.  I am so thankful to be in a Catholic school where we can celebrate the reason for the season!  I mean, look how cute Juliette is singing her songs!

And Abbey!

Abbey got to sing 3 times in the concert: once with second grade, once with the choir she is in, and once at the end with her 8th grade prayer buddy.

Ben singing!
Even though he is in fourth grade, he's still so cute....but don't tell him I said that!
Abbey with her prayer buddy.  The second graders and eighth graders got to finish the concert with Silent Night.  It is a big year for both grades (graduation for eighth graders and first communion for second graders), so they pair together for the year and support each other.  It's a really sweet program and the kids enjoy getting together with their prayer buddies throughout the year.
We also finished up the girls' fall season of basketball.  Juliette liked running up and down the court.  Unfortunately for her, most kids are bigger than she is so she has a hard time shooting the ball (how can she get the ball out of the hands that are all above her) and getting rebounds, but she seems to enjoy it anyway.
And Abbey has really taken to basketball, declaring it her sport.  She scored multiple times in most games.  It is so fun to watch her play when she so clearly enjoys it!

Finally school got out and we were able to start our Christmas break!  We had a lot to do on our Christmas bucket list, like bake cookies!
For the first time, we made gingerbread cookies this year.  Although they were a lot of fun to decorate, nobody really liked them so we just looked at the beautifully decorated cookies for about a week before throwing them out.  Next year we will stick to sugar cookies, but at least we tried!
Matthew got his second hair cut to prepare for Christmas!
Cutie pie!
He really enjoyed reading all of the Christmas books we got out.
And his siblings love to read to him, which is great for their reading skills, their bonding, and for Matthew's love of books!
We went Christmas light looking as often as we could, but we stopped at North School Park to see their huge light display as well and took some pictures.
The kids on the sleigh....Ben was not interested in taking pictures unfortunately.
In front of the big Christmas tree.
Crazy girls!

We tried to get a picture of Matthew, but Juliette was worried about him being up on the ledge by himself so she wouldn't let him go.  I guess this is what happens on child #4 - you let him walk up on a ledge because you know you are only a few feet away and can spot if he is precariously walking and needs to get down.  No chance child #1 would have been up there for a picture!!
And this guy and his cheerios!  He took Juliette's bowl from the table and decided to eat the rest of hers with the spoon.  I ran upstairs quickly and when I came down, this is what I found!  I guess he decided he needed more because he had taken the box and poured himself a nice big bowl!  So independent!  I had to laugh.  Belle obviously loved this as well!

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