Tuesday, February 02, 2016

November Snow!

Although we had a very mild fall, we did get one large snowstorm in November.  It happened on the weekend (which is always good to me as I don't really have to drive anywhere in it) and then it warmed up really soon afterwards so it all melted (which also makes me happy).  But this was our street.
The kids are lucky that Daddy likes (or at least seems to tolerate well) playing in the snow.  Ben spent a lot of time building a snow fort and getting ready for an epic snowball fight.
This is Matthew experiencing the snow.  I could only find pink snow pants in his size, but he didn't mind at all.  
The kids spent all day outside.  It was actually great weather because it wasn't too bitterly cold, so they were able to stay out and play in it.  These past few winters have had a lot of snow, but a lot of really cold temps, so the kids couldn't even really play in it.  So this was a good temp for them.
Dad shoveling.
What a big helper!
She looks so old in this picture!
Little Matthew didn't stay out too long and I was happy to go inside with him :)  
Ben's snow fort is ready!
The girls worked on a snow man. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of him though because by morning, he was already falling down.

This was a perfect snow storm in my opinion!  We didn't have anywhere to go, the temp was warm enough to really play in the snow, and then it melted within a few days.  I guess that's what we get with a snowstorm in November.  If only all of our winter snowstorms could be that way!

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