Monday, February 01, 2016

Girls' Birthday Stats

I know what you are thinking....the girls' birthdays were in the summer...why are you posting about them now? Well back in the summer, around mid-July, Abbey asked me when she was going to go to the doctor for her 7 year check up. Hmmmm, good question considering I had completely forgotten about doing that - didn't even cross my mind to make an appointment until she mentioned it - oops! Well I called and discovered that the doctor's office is not easy to get into during the summer months. Apparently everyone goes in the summer to get their back to school physicals and forms done. So, I couldn't get the girls an appointment until end of October. Oh well, it worked out because by that time, the office had the flu shots in and I was able to get everyone their flu shots without making an extra trip - plus 1 for Mommy!!

 So let's start with Abbey (because she's older and her birthday was even longer ago by the time of her appointment). Abbey weighed in at 65 1/4 pounds and was 49 inches tall. She is a unique mix of extremely shy, yet wanting to be the center of attention. If she is uncomfortable in a situation, she simply will not participate and nothing you do can change her mind about it. It's almost as if she shuts down. Yet if she decides (on her own terms of course) that she wants to do something, nothing will stop her. But it has to be her decision - you can't force her into anything. She is head strong and I am told by teachers that she is such a good leader in the classroom. I think that they see a leader where I see stubbornness (wonder where she got that from...). Abbey is smart and funny and really coming into her own this year. She is doing extremely well in second grade and seems very happy at school. She is an amazing sister to her siblings, especially Matthew. She is really good with younger kids and a good teacher. She comes home from school and plays teacher almost every day. I am pretty sure she taught Juliette the basic concept of subtraction through her "lessons". She also has Juliette read out loud to her, just like in school. She is a sweet heart and loves to make people happy. She is not a morning person (neither am I), but once she gets going, she's ready for anything. Love you Abbey girl!
On to Juliette....she was 50 pounds and 45 inches.  This girl was so ready to start first grade and go to full day school.  I kept telling her how much Matthew and I were going to miss her in the afternoons and she felt a little badly about being gone, but mostly she was excited.  She seemed to adjust quite easily to being gone all day at school.  I was expecting a rough transition, especially since she is so young in her class, but she sailed through the adjustment without any hesitation.  She loves to read, is diligent about her homework, is sweet with her friends, and just really loves to play.  Dolls are her favorites - any kind (barbie, American Girl, Polly Pocket, lego people, puppets, anything!).  She is enjoying soccer (although she enjoys hanging out on the bench with her friends almost more than being in the game) and dance class.  She is my pickiest eater, but could eat breakfast foods or fruit all day long.  She is also pretty good at eating her vegetables - it is just dinner type foods she doesn't particularly like.  But she is growing quickly and it amazes me how big she is getting.  Love my sweet Juju.
And these girls really are best friends.  Of course they fight too, but they play together constantly and love each other.  I still often find them asleep in each other's beds at night when I go in to check on them.
Happy Belated Birthday Post!

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