Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another soccer star!

Ben is not the only one around here who is into soccer these days...Abbey is finally old enough to play and she is loving it!  Her first practice started out slow with her wanting to hold my hand the entire time, but about 1/3 of the way through she let go of my hand so she could do one of the drills and I slowly backed off the field.  And pretty soon, she didn't even miss me! 

I was so proud of her - she was the only girl on the team who ended up practicing.  2 other girls sat on the sidelines too shy to participate and 2 other girls left early crying.  Way to go Abbey!

It was pretty cold that day too as we watched her...notice how freezing Madgie looks!

She had a lot of fun and is now asking me all the time if she has soccer today.  At her age it is only once a week, but if she does fall soccer she will be 4 by then so she will move into the practice and game twice a week situation!  GO ABBEY!!
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