Saturday, April 28, 2012


After Church on Sunday, we decided to use our groupon and go bowling! Here is Daddy helping Juliette get it down the lane!

Even I bowled (and I really don't like bowling)!  Thank goodness for the gutter bumpers they put up for the kids (and me)!

And guess who was on a bowling team in high school and has her very own bowling ball at home (stored somewhere in the attic)?  Give us some tips Madgie!

Juju's got her own ball too it looks like...

The girls were having trouble throwing the ball hard enough to get it to go all the way down the lane, so they brought us this neat contraption that let them just give the ball a push and it would roll down the lane - much better for them!

Abbey used it about half the time, but the other half of the time she wanted some help!

Ben preferred to do it on his own though!

Nice form Daddy!

Here we go Juliette - just give it a push!

Then the lights went out, the music was turned up, and we found ourselves cosmic bowling!

It was actually pretty fun!
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