Thursday, April 05, 2012

Wisconsin Dells

Towards the end of spring break, we took a little trip up to the Wisconsin Dells with Aunt Domi, Uncle Brandon, Hunter and Caroline. We took Ben when he was 2 and he went with Mama Kay and Papa once too, but this was a first for Abbey and Juliette. We went up on Thursday after lunch and got there just in time to check in and spend some time at the water parks before dinner! At first, everyone needed a little help going down the slides...

But before long, they were all pros...

Juju quickly discovered that her favorite place was the "hot pool", so whenever anyone went in they were sure to grab Juliette so she could go too.

Abbey was quite impressive going down the slides - she had no fear and would go down any which way - backwards, on her tummy, on her back, etc.

That night we celebrate Aunt Domi's birthday with the cake we made her.

The kids trying the lemons that were on top...

The next day we hit the wave pool, which the girls loved! It made me nervous, but they seemed to have no fear about it.

Our resort had 4 indoor water parks and each one had a little kids area, which was great. Juliette was a bit nervous of the slides unless we went with her, but she did pretty well just playing in the water.

One of the water parks had duck races in the lazy river every morning. Each kid picked out a duck and put their name on it, then they dumped all the ducks at one end and they pulled the first 3 ducks to reach the designated point to win a prize. Here are Ben and Caroline watching the race...

Go ducks!

They did 3 races. Abbey won in the first race and Juliette won in the third race. The prizes were duck whistles. But everyone was a winner because you got to keep your duck!

Uncle Brandon took Caroline and Juliette in the "hot pool" with their ducks!

One of the parks had a huge bucket that would fill up and dump down a ton of water. Here is Paul protecting Ben from the deluge!

Aunt Domi took Abbey in the lazy river, but I don't think she got to be very lazy in it! Abbey clung on for dear life to Aunt Domi and would not let her relax in a tube. Poor Aunt Domi had to walk around the whole lazy river holding Abbey! It looks like she is enjoying it in this picture, but as soon as the picture was taken her hand went back around Aunt Domi's neck to hold on tightly! I don't know why she has no problems with slides but a lazy river scared her...ah Abbey!

Ben and Daddy did enjoy the lazy river the way you are supposed to though!

Finally Aunt Domi got to relax in a long as she kept Juliette occupied with her duck!

Juliette did enjoy playing in the fountain tables though.

Abbey being crazy on a slide!

Mommy and Juju in the hot pool...

There were also bumper boats. I don't know...can you tell from this picture what Ben thought about this activity?

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