Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter dinner

After Church we headed over to the Acuff's for some family time and a wonderful Easter dinner! But first, the cousins got to play...Belle and Cooper I mean!

Oh and the other cousins too! Caroline and Hunter had set up an Easter egg hunt for Ben, Abbey and Juliette so they had a lot of fun with that as soon as we go there! Go Abbey!

Good finding!

Caroline helped Juliette find some too!

Good job Juliette!

Then we got everyone together for a picture, but those crazy dogs were in the way...what are they doing?

Here's a great shot of all the Chicagoland cousins (minus Cousin Tim, who is in college)!

And of course we had to get a picture of Cousin Andrew and Juliette, who both wore purple!

Juliette checking out her candy situation...

And this was our amazing feast!

Sorry dogs, you have to be outside during dinner!

But they had a great time playing together!

Juliette is going to be following in Ben and Abbey's soccer shoes soon enough!

And after all the soccer playing she needed to rest with Daddy...

It was a fantastic day - thank you Acuff's for hosting us and for the wonderful meal! I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!
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