Saturday, April 07, 2012

Buffalo Phil's

On Sunday after we left our resort we stopped at a restaurant in the Dells called Buffalo Phil's. It was a restaurant where your food got brought out to you on a train. Now we have a place like that near us that we have been to, but this place was way better. It was a huge restaurant (the one by us is tiny) and the menu was quite expansive (the one by us basically offers burgers and hot dogs). The kids got a kick out of the train bringing us food and drinks and they got train hats!


Juju wouldn't wear her hat, so I tried it on!

And the fries at this place were really good too!

We were seated near the kitchen, so after we were done Ben was looking into the kitchen right where they load the train up.  Our waiter (who was super nice) saw him there and asked him if he wanted to drive the train!  So he lifted Ben up and let him push the buttons to drive the train to the family who had just ordered drinks.  They watched through the window and once the train got to the right table, Ben got to blow the train horn.  It was a big highlight of the weekend for Ben!  It was a very fun place and I would recommend it to anyone going to the Dells!
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