Saturday, April 07, 2012

Spring Spectacular

On Thursday night, our park district had a "Spring Spectacular" event where they had a "candy" hunt and the "spring bunny" show up - sometimes I think it is so ridiculous that we have to be so politically correct about everything! Anyway, it was a fun event. Here are the kids ready to go to the hunt - ears and all!

Look at those bunnies ready to go find some candy!

Here are the kids with the "spring" bunny! Abbey almost didn't make it in the picture, but I convinced her to go in as long as Daddy held her away from the bunny! She isn't crying though!

Then it was time for the "candy" hunt. They split the kids up by ages, so Daddy took the girls to their area and I stayed with Ben. Here is Abbey looking for candy.

Here's Ben after his candy hunt - success!

Juju wasn't too into it that night - it was actually pretty cold out and she just kept saying she wanted to go sit in the car!

There were a lot of fun activities, but due to the cold we didn't stay too long. The kids made sure to get a ride on this train though (well, not Juju)!

Then we stopped by the petting zoo.

It was a great event and if the weather had been better, I am sure we would have stayed for quite a while to enjoy the other activities. Maybe next year!
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