Saturday, April 07, 2012

Holy Saturday Egg Hunt

On Saturday we went to the annual Easter Basket Blessing and Egg Hunt at our Church. We have gone several years in a row now so it is sort of our tradition now. The Acuff's come up and we all have a good time. Here are the kids bringing up their baskets to the altar to be blessed.

One of Ben's good friends from school, Aidan, and his family were also there!

Juju found an egg! The teens who ran the egg hunt thought she was super cute so they kept dropping eggs right around her for her to find!

Ben and Abbey needed no help finding eggs though!

Looks like Abbey spotted one!

Then it was time for Hunter, Caroline, Ben and Abbey to open the eggs to see what was inside!

Juju got some plastic rings and candy in hers. She very sneakily went to various adults to ask them to open candy, but we caught on to her act!

Uncle Brandon helps Abbey look up high!

Abbey and Caroline compare their finds!

Love this picture!

Abbey in the flowers.

Pretty girl....

Looking for eggs!

Caroline and Abbey by the tulips...

This is the first time we have ever gotten a picture of the kids with the Easter Bunny without any adults and without anyone crying - success!!! Notice that Juliette and Abbey are as far away from the bunny as possible though!

Then it was back to our house to give Belle some attention.

And some good cousin bonding time...

The girls went down for nap, but only after they both insisted that Uncle Brandon read them their stories!

We had some delicious Alaskan salmon and then I made this cake in honor of Easter. I think it turned out pretty cute - thank you Pinterest for the idea!
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