Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1st Grade Field Trip!!

Well, since I am the room mom of Ben's class this year, that means I get to go on the field trips! So, I got to go apple picking with the class a few weeks ago!  Here is Ben at his desk and his table in the class room before we left.

This is all the 1st graders eagerly awaiting the school  bus (did I mention how exciting it is to them to ride a school bus?)!

Ben and his twin buddies Finn and PJ!

We had a fantastic day - couldn't have asked for better weather!

We separated into small groups.  There are 15 kids in Ben's class, so I took 5 and we went to search for the best apples.

This is Ben's class with his teacher Ms. Garrison.

This is the whole 1st grade group.  There are 3 1st grade classes this year and we are very happy that the school decided to add the third class so our class size is so small. 

All in all, a great day.  We brought home a bag of apples and it has been fun to see all that Ben has been learning in school about apples.
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