Wednesday, September 19, 2012


We woke up one Sunday and actually had nothing to do, so we decided to take a trip into the city and go to the Museum of Science and Industry (one of our favorite Chicago museums). I quickly called up some friends to see if they wanted to join us and it just all worked out (which rarely happens when planning something so last minute). It was a really enjoyable day. Although both girls still nap, they are getting old enough to be able to skip it and hold up just fine for the day (the next day they are tired, but that day they are fine). So we were able to stay all day and really have a great time with the kids.  Ben and Aiden both in camo for the was tough to see where they were in their camo! 

Abbey getting ready to drive the tractor.

Juliette was very  interested in the air blowing the ball up.

All the kiddos!

Aren't they cute!

And silly!

What a fun day!  One of the things I love about living in Chicago is the easy access to such amazing museums and fun things to do, so we try our best to take advantage of that when we can! 
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