Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Update

Well, I don't always bring my camera everywhere because it is rather large and cumbersome, so I do end up taking a lot of pictures with my phone as well. The problem is that I don't upload the pictures from my phone that often, so when I do, I remember a lot of things that happened that I forgot to blog about. So, that is when you end up with a blog post like this one...random things that have happened lately all combined into one post! Hope you enjoy!
This is just a cute picture of Juju when she fell asleep after a busy day while watching a movie!

And this is a picture of all the kids and Belle on Juliette's birthday!

Just a cute one I took of the birthday girl on her day.

I know, I already blogged about school starting, but I did take some picture of the kids by their cubbies on orientation day.

And on the first day of school.  This picture is now my screen for my phone - good picture of all 3!

Abbey outside her classroom showing her bear with her name on it!

Now with Juliette in school two mornings a week, I get some time with Abbey!  So we have been enjoying our time taking bike rides, playing dolls, coloring and just having a nice time together!

I am sure there will be a separate blog post about this, but we have slowly been transforming the girls' room into a big girl room.  Abbey's transitioned into her big girl bed first and on the first night, they all wanted to read bed time stories in the bed with her. 

I know I already blogged about Ben being a Tiger Scout, but here is a cute picture of the big Tiger with his awesome Den Leader!

As mentioned above, we first put Abbey in her big girl bed, but we were still working on the other bed because it needed to be painted.  I will explain the beds in another post once their room is complete, but for now, just know that Juliette's bed took a lot longer and so she stayed in her "cradle" (as she calls it) for a while longer.  She did learn, however, how to crawl out of it and into it safely.  And on several occasions, when I would go in to check on the girls before I went to bed, this is what I would find...

This is just too cute.  These girls really love each other!  I don't know why they didn't sleep in Abbey's bed though - it would have been a bit more roomy!

Something else I failed to blog about was Paul's birthday.  Unfortunately, it sort of got lost in the shuffle this year.  It was the day after our camping trip, so everyone was very tired and cranky.  We didn't really celebrate that night because he had a bunch of guys over for a poker night.  So I spent much of the day cleaning while the kids napped, but I think he had fun playing poker with his friends.  With the craziness of that weekend, I didn't even have time to make him a cake.  Luckily, one of his friends (who has triplets in Ben's class that had a birthday the day before) brought over an almost whole cake from one of his kids to the poker night (they had a cake for each kid, so they were looking to get rid of some cake!).  That worked out well for us as Paul was able to have some cake on his birthday, even if it wasn't his favorite carrot cake.  There was only about one piece missing from this cake and so it seemed silly to bake another one and waste it (Paul hates wasting food).  So the next night, we put candles in the cake and sang to Paul.  Here is "his" birthday cake!  Sorry honey, I really failed on this least it is a Chicago Bears cake - something you like!!  I love you and hope your birthday was still fun...we camped on your birthday so I know you enjoyed that at least!!

Just a cute picture of Abbey ready for her dance class!
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