Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Juliette turns 3!!!

Well, I have been having some blogger issues lately with the computer, so this time the lack of blogging wasn't entirely my fault! But, it appears to be partially fixed now, so I will do my best to get back up to date. On August 19th, our darling baby duck turned 3 years old! I can hardly believe it - she is turning into such a big girl and it is so hard to believe that we don't really have a baby in the house anymore :(

We started the day by going out to breakfast to her favorite place (Pamera as she calls it). Then it was back home to open up some wonderful presents!


She got her big girl backpack since she started preschool this year!

Unfortunately our schedule of birthday festivities had to be interrupted because Ben had football pictures at noon.  So we made some lunch and got over to pictures.  See Ben?  I can't wait to get the professional pics back, but here is the team picture we took with our camera.

Then it was back to celebrating Juliette by going to the Kohl's Children's Museum for the afternoon.  Looks like Ben might follow in Patch's shoes and become a radiologist?  

She seemed to enjoy it!

Then they built the Willis Tower!

Juliette worked hard on this.  As a side note, Juliette talks about the Willis Tower a lot and she came home from school today (I know, I need to blog about school starting still) and told me that she built the Willis Tower out of blocks.  She told her teacher that it was the Willis Tower and then she said it fell over.  I was quite proud of her!

Here it is...Ta Da!!

Then they all set to work on some puzzles!

We got to enjoy the outside part of the museum since the weather was so nice!

Juliette wanted me to fly in the plane with her...

I'm not going to wasn't easy to get down into this plane with her, but her smile made it worth it :)

There was a tall grass maze that Ben enjoyed.

And some interesting statues to rest on :)

Ben said, "Hey look, Mom, I'm hanging out with Jesus!" 

After a fun afternoon at the museum, we made Juliette's request for dinner (Pierogies) and then it was time for cupcakes!


We had a great family day celebrating her birthday! 
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