Tuesday, September 04, 2012

First Day of School!

Hard to believe it, but school has started up again! Ben is in 1st grade this year (and I am lucky enough to be his room mom at school this year!), which means he transitioned from half day school to all day school. So far he has done great! I expected him to be very tired and cranky when he came home. He is pretty tired (especially with soccer and football too), but he has been very relaxed and good when he comes home. I think he is enjoying school, but first grade is a lot different than kindergarten! They have workbooks they do every day, homework, quizzes, lots of different types of classes, and mostly, there are no toys in his class this year! But, he does get recess now, and he enjoys that a lot! So far so good!

Abbey is going into PK 4 - which is 4 year old preschool.  She has a new teacher this year and it looks like they will be learning a lot based on the curriculum passed out at Parent Information Night.  She really likes school and she learns things so quickly.  She is already learning the phonic sounds of letters - something Ben did not learn until kindergarten, although I think part of that was his teacher when he was in PK4.  The new teacher is a reading specialist and former 1st grade teacher, so I am expecting her to learn a lot this year!

Juliette also started school, but not on the same day as Ben and Abbey, so I will post more about  her first day later.  She was still excited for the first day though and wanted to be in the pictures too!  We enjoyed a nice morning of just the two of us with the other two at school! 
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