Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Juliette is off to preschool!

Even though Juliette is at the same school as Ben and Abbey, she started the following week. I guess they wanted the big kids to get used to things before starting the little ones. She was so excited on her first day though!

Her backpack!

Abbey was very supportive and excited for her!  Abbey and Juliette actually have the same teacher and are in the same classroom, but go on different days and have different curriculum.  So Abbey was able to tell her all about it before she went!  

And big brother joined in too to share her excitement!

So Ben gets dropped off at 8:40 at the latest and preschool goes in at 8:50.  So every morning I drop Ben off and then park and wait for the preschool doors to open.  Then, the girls get out at 11:30 and Ben gets out at 3:35.  So yes, I am in my car driving to St. James a lot during the day!  But here she is outside of school ready to go in!

I'm ready Mom!

Here she goes!

She looks so tiny next to her classmates!

She did great and had so much fun.  She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is always excited to go.  She is such a big girl now!  
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