Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Abbey Update!

Well, Abbey turned 2 back in early July, but I just took her in for her 2 year doctor's appointment today. I assure you it was not due to my lack of trying, it's just that when I made this appointment back in early June, today was the earliest morning appointment they could give me with the doctor I wanted. Anyway, on to the visit...she did great! This was the first visit in a very long time that she hasn't cried or completely freaked out when seeing the nurse or doctor. I think coming with me to all of Juliette's appointments may have helped, or perhaps just getting older helped. Either way - she did great! She was a little unsure, but luckily we had a fantastic nurse who took her kitty cat toy that she brought with her and weighed the kitty cat on the scale before Abbey had to get on. Then she saw how tall the cat was before Abbey had to stand next to the height measurer - she was great. Anyway, down to business, she weighed in at 27 pounds and was 34 inches tall, which put her right in the 50th percentile. The doctor was impressed with her language skills and use of complete sentences. She got her finger pricked and a shot, but she took them both pretty well with minimal crying. I was so proud!

As for her other development, she is learning so much every day. She is starting to test her boundaries and has been sent to time-out in her room a few times. She loves playing with her dolls and wants about a million things in her crib with her when she sleeps (multiple babies, Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, blankets, etc.). She is starting to get interested in TV, but really only likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She does, however, know all the songs to the Lion King - despite the fact that she has never seen it! She is still in her crib - not sure when we will switch her over since she is sharing a room with Juliette. She also so far has minimal interest in the potty. She wants to sit on it sometimes, but has yet to actually go in it. I am not pressing it - potty training is not on my list of priorities at the moment. Ben was already in a big boy bed and in pull-ups by this point, but seeing as how Abbey has a younger sister not too far behind her and an older brother, I do not have the energy or motivation to really tackle either of these things any earlier than necessary right now! She is doing great though and changing so much every day. I love this age when they are just learning so much each day and you get to see them start to understand and become a big kid. So sad, but definitely fun to watch too!

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