Tuesday, August 03, 2010


So as you can see from a previous post, Ben has been playing t-ball this summer and has been loving it! That video was taken from his first game and he has gotten much better. I love watching the games - they are so cute! He did learn to stop at first base (unless the coaches told him to continue to second) and his batting was excellent - he consistently hit it into the outfield. It was so funny to watch the kids and see how they all improved by the end of the season. There was one poor girl though who just couldn't seem to get it. Every time she hit the ball, she would start off running to first base, but then as soon as she saw the ball, she would chase after it into the outfield - sometimes getting it and throwing it to first base or home plate! It was hilarious! But here is Ben in his very serious "ready position" while he waited for the person to bat the ball.

And here is his big swing (he's a leftie)!
And he of course has lots of fans too!
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