Monday, August 30, 2010

Juliette's Birthday Party

Since we left for FL the day after Juliette's birthday, we delayed her party until we got back. So this past weekend, it was party time! Here's the birthday girl in her party dress.
Mingling with one of her guests...
Ready for cake!
Her birthday hat cake - we have made this cake for each of our children's first birthdays, but decorated them differently. So it's sort of tradition at this point, yet they each had their own unique decorations on it.
Singing Happy Birthday to Juju!
Birthday Princess!
Time to eat cake! Unfortunately, she was not too into eating cake that day - perhaps she filled up on that burger (she loves meat), so no good cake eating shots today. But I have plenty of good ones from her other celebrations posted previously.

Then it was time for presents!
She had a great party - thanks to everyone who could come and we missed those of you who were unable to attend, but hope to see you again soon!

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