Sunday, August 29, 2010

FL Beach Time

We decided to take a quick last trip to Jacksonville before the summer ends to visit Madgie and Patch and spend some time at the beach!
The first few days we were there, the tide worked in our favor - high tide was early morning and the water would flow out over a sand bar leaving a pool of ocean water just deep enough for the kids to play in without big waves bothering them. It was perfect as it gave the kids a chance to play in the water and get used to the ocean, which was key to Abbey who wouldn't go near the big ocean until the end of the vacation! But here she is on the first day playing in the ocean pool.
Here she is showing Patch how she can swim!
We also found several sea creatures in the ocean pool - here are Ben, Abbey and Daddy checking out a hermit crab they captured in their pail.
Juliette also loved the water!
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