Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rockford Air Show

A few weekends ago (yes I am still behind in my blogging), we headed out to Rockford to see the air show at the Rockford Airport. It was a very cool event and we had a lot of fun, but it was very hot too! You can see that Abbey needed to spend some time in the shade with Cousin Tim.

Besides seeing all the cool planes do tricks, there were also little planes the kids could drive. Here are Ben and Caroline being pilots...
They also had a lot of planes on display that you could go inside and see. Ben and Caroline show how big they are in this picture.
Cool - the pilots get into their real cockpit! As a side note, Ben asked the lady before he got on if the plane was going to take off while he was inside (that thought made him nervous). Luckily, the nice lady told him that the plane wouldn't do that because it was out of batteries...she must have her own kids because that was a perfect explanation for him!

Besides being incredibly hot, it was also very loud!

So we put ear plugs in for Ben (good thinking Daddy to bring that), but Abbey and Juliette wouldn't do that so we bought these...

It was a lot of fun and definitely something worth doing again next year!

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