Monday, August 16, 2010

Spray and Play

Today we met Aunt Domi, Caroline and Hunter in Glen Ellyn to see some circus tents get set up. It was actually really neat to see how they pull up these huge tents. We also got to see some of the circus animals up close. This is a far away picture, but that is Ben, Abbey, Caroline and Hunter watching the tent get put up.

Next to where they were putting up the circus there happened to be a spray park (good planning)! Abbey got right into it and enjoyed filling up several buckets.
Here are Ben, Abbey and Caroline filling up a big bucket - good job working together guys!
And Juliette's big news of the day - she learned how to stand up all by herself. She did it all day - standing up, then sitting down, then standing back up again (looked like quite a leg workout). No official steps yet, but getting closer!
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