Monday, August 30, 2010

Sooooo Big!

It's so hard to believe that our little baby is already one. We took her in today for her 1 year check-up to see how she was doing. She was a champ at the doctor's office despite having to get a few shots. She weighed in at 20 pounds (30th percentile) and was 29 inches long (45th percentile). As far as development, she is still not quite walking yet, but she loves to stand up and will walk all over if you are holding her hand. She easily walks around furniture and stands on her own without realizing it. I think she is able to take her first steps anyday, but we'll see. When you let go of her hands she sits down immediately, so who knows when she will actually want to do it. We're in no hurry! She eats everything now and still really loves her meat. But she does well with her veggies and fruits too. She is still an excellent sleeper - about 11-12 hours at night and two naps of about 1.5-2 hours each. I am hoping to get rid of the morning nap relatively soon, but we'll see what she thinks about that. She can definitely go without a morning nap a couple days a week right now. She is starting to say lots of words - she said "Happy Birthday" on her birthday when someone would say it to her. Her other words include Mama, Daddy, dog, hi, and night night. I am sure she has others, but we have yet to understand them - she babbles quite a bit! She can blow kisses, shake her head no, wave, clap, do various motions to go along with "Wheels on the Bus" and "Patty Cake" and show us that she is "SOOOOO BIG". We are in the process of switching her to whole milk and will complete that process as soon as we run out of this current canister of formula. She is also switching to full time sippy cups and getting rid of the bottles, which makes me sad! I will really miss feeding her bottles! Our little baby is becoming a big girl!

As a side note, I have done a lot of blogging over the past day or two, so you might need to click the "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page to see them all as they don't all fit on one page right now. Enjoy!
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