Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kohl's Children's Museum

After our great trip to TN, we had a few days at home to have some fun too. First up, going to the Kohl's Children's Museum with the Glynn family! It was very crowded, but we still had fun. Here are Abbey and I shopping in the Whole Foods exhibit...

Ben and Keegan handled the check-out lines.

Abbey and Kasey shopping.

Then it was on to the next fun stop for Ben, Abbey and Kasey...

They had a dress-up and dance area where the kids could see themselves on tv dancing - check out those moves!

Nice Keegan! He's got the moves like jagger!

Even Kameron seemed to enjoy it!

Something is very interesting above Abbey and Keegan...

Juju loved the water area!

Check out those snow people!

After the museum we went out to lunch, which turned into a forever long experience due to some bad service, but besides that, it was a great day! Thanks for inviting us Glynn family - next time we will come down to the one in Naperville!
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