Sunday, January 22, 2012


We got 6-8 inches of snow on Friday (on top of the few inches we still had left from the previous storm), so it seemed like a great time for some sledding! We met up with our friends, Aiden, Connor, and Gavin and had a great time. Just to warn you though, we took over 600 pictures with our fancy new telephoto lens and they all turned out great, so it was hard to limit them...but enjoy some of my favorites!

I don't think Ben enjoyed it at all, as you can tell by his face expression...

Ben and Connor...

It took Abbey a little bit to get warmed up. At first she only wanted to go with either me or Paul, but she did enjoy it.

Then she started going down with Connor.

Juju only went with me or Paul, but she loved it and as soon as we would get to the bottom she would ask to go again!

Ben and Aiden had a good time!

Abbey and Connor...

Happy Boy!

Having fun!

It was really cute to watch Abbey and Connor work together as a team to bring the sled back up the hill!

Everyone had a great time!

I guess the snow is worth it sometimes :)
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