Monday, January 16, 2012


We have had an incredibly warm winter thus far, which has been fabulous for this Florida girl! We had several days in the 50's in January, which we took advantage of with trips to the park, playing in our backyard, and even having a picnic outside! But winter finally did hit with some snow and the kids could not have been more excited! Luckily Daddy was on hand after work one day to help them play in it (remember, this Florida girl does not like the snow!). Ben had read in a book somewhere about building an igloo with recycling bins, so that was first on the snow playing agenda! Luckily, Daddy was able to help them fill it with snow and build the blocks!

Once the block was put down, it helped to jump on it to get the snow block to come out...

Looking good!

This little one didn't last too long in the snow - she wanted to come in and snuggle to get warm and I was happy to help her out with that!

Don't worry though, Abbey was happy to get her stuff on and get out there for as long as possible!

They even scooped out an entry way that the kids could crawl through!

Ben going inside of the igloo to be with Abbey!

We did get it even higher than this, but could not get the roof on. It snowed some more and it looked a little less structured, but still great. I think the kids enjoyed it. Thanks Paul for building it with them!
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